[Edited] AirfoilLabs' Pioneer Field in Alaska

Garrett Yalch
Wednesday, March 6, 2019

[Edited 07/03/19] The airport has been on AirfoilLabs' website for some time already, and although there is not actually anything new to show, we decided to share what is a relatively unknown development to many.

AirfoilLabs has quietly debuted their development of Pioneer Field (PAVD) in Alaska. Located in the city of Valdez (around 100 nautical miles to the east of Anchorage), the airport is surrounded by beautiful terrain consisting of a high mountain range that surrounds a bay. On their website they stated that the scenery will include “the detailed airport as well as the entire bay of Valdez together with the town and marine terminal”. This scenery is certainly great news for anyone interested in general aviation, bush, or float aircraft.

Alongside this project, AirfoilLabs has also been developing their King Air 350i. Progress on that project can be viewed here.

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