Audio for VATSIM Launching 14th October

Sunday, September 29, 2019

The update to VATSIM's audio codec has been long-awaited. Today however, it has confirmed that Audio for VATSIM (AFV) will launch on the 14th October.

According to VATSIM's website, this major upgrade to the infrastructure will require the network to be down for a period of 24 hours, starting at 2000z on the 13th of October.

The overall features of the upgrade are listed below:

  • State of the art voice quality - a brand new Opus-based voice codec with optional realistic distortion, white noise, VHF and HF simulation
  • Reduced delay - up to 80% reduction in latency, making busy frequencies more realistic and manageable
  • Range simulation - transceivers set up as per real ATC positions, with signal strength dependent on distance and altitude
  • Customisable technology - this upgrade paves the way for future amazing development by the community.

The change in audio codec will render most existing clients unusable with AFV. Details of each client are listed on the AFV website:

  • xPilot will be available on the 11th October and can be used when AFV is live
  • XSquawkbox will need to run alongside the Audio for VATSIM standalone client to work (available on the 11th October)
  • Swift will need to run alongside the Audio for VATSIM standalone client to work

VATSIM has created a website dedicated to assisting users in the upgrade for AFV. It includes a 49-page manual, details of the clients mentioned above, an FAQ, and a section for ATC.

Taking a couple of points off the FAQ section, text and receive-only will remain, whilst 8.33 kHz spacing will not be supported at launch, as Simconnect for FS9, FSX and P3D do not support it.

If you'd like further details on the upgrade, see the knowledge base on the dedicated website here.

For further details on AFV, you can view the official announcement on their website.

VATSIM is on Facebook, where the below video was posted.

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