Aeroplane Heaven Lancaster Development Update

Aeroplane Heaven has made an announcement regarding the development of their upcoming Avro Lancaster for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Lancaster project was originally announced back in 2022, it has been a main focus for the company since the release of their DC-3 for the Microsoft Flight Simulator 40th anniversary update. 

The Avro Lancaster was a highly significant aircraft developed for the RAF during World War Two. It proudly served not only the Royal Air Force but also the Royal Australian Air Force and the Royal Canadian Air Force. The Lancaster was designed with a spacious bomb bay, allowing it to accommodate the largest bombs utilized by the RAF. It is most notable for its pivotal role in Operation Chastise, better known as the Dam Busters raid. In this operation, British flight crews skillfully dropped cylindrical-shaped bombs, ingeniously spinning them before release, to have the bombs skip across the water to effectively destroy the Möhne and Edersee dams.

The development update, which was posted to Aeroplane Heaven's Facebook page, states that the modeling and textures are nearing completion, however, there's been no announcement regarding a release date other than that it's expected to be released in the second half of 2023. Aeroplane Heaven has stated they're also working on "some cool coding ideas to bring extra functionality" to the aircraft, though it hasn't been announced what these extra functionalities may include. Aeroplane Heaven has also hinted at the possibility of additional model variants (Mk I, Mk III, etc.) if "time allows". The developer has however confirmed that the aircraft will include custom flight crew models that feature period-correct uniforms and equipment. 

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