Airport Layout Enhancement Solution V2 Released

July 18, 2020

Version 2 of Pyreegue Dev. Co's ground texture enhancement package, ALES, has been released today, bringing a raft of changes over the initial addon launched in May 2019.

Following today's news, ALES version 1 has been removed from sale.

ALES v2's configurator tool.

The primary new features of the new version include a custom installer, which makes it easier to select and install then various runway and taxiway texture choices available in the package. UK-style markings make their debut in ALES too, as do Canadian runway textures.

Here's the full feature list:

  • Custom installer for easy operation (Win10 x64 Only/Manual installation for MacOS and Linux)
  • 2K/4K resolution options
  • Laser scanned surfaces for incredible detail
  • Every ground polygon in X-Plane is replaced with a HQ one
  • Multiple runway textures for various regions(by choice) and runway age (10 in
  • total)
  • Multiple tire skid textures (4 in total)
  • USA Runways: New/Old
  • Euro Runways: New/Old (Including UK markings)
  • Canadian Runways: Standard
  • Taxilines: New/Old
  • Custom helipads for every region of choice: Canada, USA, Europe.
  • All draped signs replaced
  • Rain effects for every polygon surface (.pol) (Default runways do not support this feature)
  • All textures have been made based on real world images of runways, aprons,
  • taxilines and helipads to ensure ultimate replicas.
  • High resolution decals for stunning details up close
  • 12 asphalt surfaces replaced and 8 more added for rain effects
  • 12 concrete surfaces replaced and 8 more added for rain effects
  • Multi-platform support - Win/MacOS/Linux
  • Vulkan/OpenGL compatible
  • DDS image format for optimized rendering and better performance

Last week, our very own Sol Vashez got to share his experiences with version 2 of the addon in a video review - check out what he thinks of the addon in that video here.

ALES' v2 price sits at $20.95 USD, though owners of v1 are able to upgrade for $5 USD using the coupon code in their initial order. Purchase it on the Threshold Store here.

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