AOA Simulations V-22 Osprey to Recieve Major Update

Monday, November 18, 2019

AOA Simulations have been in the news lately for their upcoming T-7A Redhawk, but with this development update they return back to one of their most popular products, the V-22 Osprey. Best known for its gigantic tilting rotors at the edge of its wings, AOA’s V-22 Osprey will receive new FMOD sounds, cockpit and instrument reflections, a functioning autopilot, as well as many bug fixes in th upcoming version 1.7 update. 

The V-22 Osprey was developed by Bell Helicopters and Boeing in the 1980’s to create an aircraft with helicopter-like vertical takeoff and landing capabilities (VTOL), while also enabling it to have the speed of a fixed wing aircraft. AOA Simulation’s rendition of this unique aircraft was initially released in March of 2018, and it has received several updates since then.

AOA says people should stay tuned If you’d like to see the original Facebook post by AOA Simulations, click here. To view previous articles about AOA Simulations, click here.

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