Flight Sim April Fools Round Up 2024

April Fools' Day was a few days ago, and it's a day of jokes and giggles where developers break out of their professional skin and come up with something funny for the community to enjoy. It's a day of tradition, and every year we get something fun to laugh about. Now that we’ve given enough time for the jokes to go through the system, let's recap what April Fools' Day has brought the flight simming community in 2024.

IniBuilds has released the iniR24 for MSFS, a state-of-the-art Formula 1 car that can be driven around the Yas Marina Circuit. Flight simming has now turned into a racing sim, so put on your gloves and get out on track with the new iniR24.

Verstappen is trembling in his boots

Aeroplane Heaven has announced the A/47/10 THUNDERWARTHOG, a new and interesting plane for MSFS. Although we don't have many details about it, the plane has two turboprop engines at the back, and we can't wait to soar the virtual skies with it.

That is an airplane, for sure.

Parallel 42 has released the ChasePlane Professional 4K HDR for MSFS, a convincing store page with many features like custom views, cinematics, turbulence effects, and more. However, the Buy Now button reveals the truth that ChasePlane for MSFS is not yet released, and they are dependent on Microsoft to change some things before it can become a reality.

cough Microsoft we need this functionality cough

FSNews has announced FSNews Australia, a new website that is friendly to Aussies and the rest of the world. The whole website is turned upside down, and it's time for Australia to log on and finally enjoy it just like the rest of the world has done for a while.

¿uʍop ǝpᴉsdn s,ʇᴉ uɐǝɯ noʎ op ʇɐɥM

FlyJSim has announced the "Too Real" update for their upcoming 727 and 732 for X-Plane 12, which includes features like Door Plug Roulette, Maintenance Mayhem, and Random Flat Tires to push the boundaries of realism in flight simming.

Hey...I know this one!

Got Friends has released the Paddle Wheeler for MSFS, a new aquatic bike that makes it easier to explore the seas within MSFS.


MK Studios has announced a drastic change in their scenery development, with new scientific data showing that customers prioritize interior over exterior within a scenery. Therefore, MK Studios has decided to no longer consider the exterior as crucial.

Beautiful Scenery! ...Wait a minute

Flight Simulator 2024's aircraft list has been announced on Facebook, including planes like the "Airsus A320neo V3" and the "Belong 717-200" for the Ultra version of the sim.

SoFly has released Dinosaurs for MSFS, allowing users to experience different types of dinosaurs and race around a dino-themed rally course.

Toliss has announced a new add-on for X-Plane, the Handley Page H.P.42, which boasts features such as detailed dead reckoning navigation, top-notch electro-mechanical systems, and custom sounds.

Mango Studios has also announced a sound pack for the new Toliss Handley Page H.P.42.

FlyByWire shows a fine-tuned wing flex system on their A380. The new system will show how the real A380 acquires lift due to the realism of the new fine-tuned system.

We hope you enjoyed these April Fools’ Day entries by the flight sim community.

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