LatinVFR Releases "Airport Static Aircraft" for MSFS

October 14, 2021
David Vega
nobody, apparently.

LatinVFR just released their newest product for MSFS, bluntly named “Airport Static Aircraft”. The product adds the missing piece to the puzzle by providing a more familiar set of aircraft to populate your default airports, introducing a more dynamic feel to the simulator through placing static aircraft at default airports all around the globe. Users no longer face fancy colored Embraer A360’s at the stand, but real airlines with real aircraft to provide the user with a more realistic and immersive experience.

The add-on also adds the Concorde to both London Heathrow and Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport. Furthermore, as with typical LatinVFR fashion, the product features realistic modeling and texturing, and is sure to keep your eyes satisfied. 

No hours went to waste as the add-on provides users with hundreds of painstaking hand-placed aircraft based on real-world data from 41+ airports on the globe, combined with a lot of varieties of aircraft models and airliners. In addition to serving as statics, the add-on also makes use of the models for AI traffic, which for many users is the ideal flying experience over online flying. Lastly, the add-on has no impact on performance as stated by the developer. You can find the original feature list here:

  • Hundreds of hand placed airplanes based on real-world data on 41+ airports on the globe.
  • Hundreds of varieties of aircraft models and airlines.
  • Business jets, helicopters, regional jets, cargo aircraft, small to large airliners, and military aircraft.
  • Compatible with AI traffic and default static aircraft.
  • Placement of Concorde in LFPG and EGLL as they are displayed in real life.
  • No impact on performance.

The product is now available and has an asking price of $14,99 on the latinVFR site. It should however be mentioned that the add-on is not compatible with all default airports, the full list of compatible airports is available on the product page.

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