Aerosoft Release Greater Moncton International Airport for X-Plane 11

December 3, 2020

Shortly after releasing previews of their CRJ for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Aerosoft have released Greater Moncton International Airport for X-Plane 11. The release was announced through a Facebook post, and the scenery includes a detailed rendition of Greater Moncton International Airport and the area directly surrounding it.

According to the store description, the scenery includes “PBR textures for the ground and objects plus custom animations for the jetways and service vehicles”. It also ships with custom “seasonal textures” provided by the free SAM Seasons plugin.

A full feature list has also been included by Aerosoft, which is as follows:

  • Detailed recreation of the real Greater Moncton Airport
  • 4K PBR textures for objects and ground
  • Custom approach and taxi lights and signs
  • Custom static aircrafts reflecting common real-world traffic
  • Custom colored orthophoto including height effect
  • Animated jetways (SAM plugin required)
  • Animated service vehicles (SAM AirportVehicles required)
  • Custom Follow Me vehicle (SAM FollowMe required)
  • Seasonal textures (SAM plugin required)
  • Special winter animations like engine covers on static aircrafts and taxi light flag markers

The scenery is available from the Aerosoft Store for $21.18 (incl. 16% VAT), and doesn’t include any additional libraries on top of the base package, unless you are looking to utilise the seasonal textures, follow me vehicle, animated jetways or the animated service vehicles.

You can purchase the scenery from the Aerosoft Store, and keep up to date with their latest developments from their Facebook page.

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