Aerosoft Previews German Islands for X-Plane

April 1, 2020

In a surprise post on their Facebook page, Aerosoft has announced a new addon to be joining their X-Plane lineup.

The scenery will depict the German Island in the East Frisia area. The screenshots shared showed the Baltrum island, located within East Frisia.

No details of the scale of the area to be included have been shared yet but based upon the post caption the 7 Islands in East Frisia will be included with their respective airports.

The above map shows the East Frisia area. Image credit: Wikipedia

The East Frisia Islands are a chain of islands off the coast of East Frisia, the 7 islands are: Borkum; Juist; Norderney; Baltrum; Langeoog; Spiekeroog and Wangerooge. The East Frisia area as a whole covers 3,144 Square KM with over 465,000 people living there.

Baltrum itself is a small island of only 6.5 Square KM with just over 500 residents. The island actually has no street names, but only has house numbers, due to its small size.

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