ASDG Supercub Becomes Abandonware

August 16, 2020

The Supercub by developer ASDG has become abandonware, according to a new post by one of its developers today.

The ASDG Supercub has been absent of updates for over two years, though there was hope in February 2019 when plans for X-Plane 11.30 were laid out.

In that post eighteen months ago, developer PilotAlva explained that should Laminar Research screw up the flight model again and render the aircraft “unflyable”, it was unlikely the aircraft would ever be updated again.

PilotAlva also mentioned they would be retiring after that update went live – except, the update was never released to the public.

Prior to writing today’s message, the developer said they had been waiting for “any possible updates” regarding a different situation.

As none ever materialised, it was stated “I can finally say for certain that the supercub will never see any other update ever again” by PilotAlva.

The blame was not put on Laminar Research, but Alan Shafto – a developer of ASDG – for a lack of handling the business.

“To make things short: I work with Alan on a 70/30 pct of profits for this plane (besides paying extras for sound, sasl, rep etc) the deal was that because it was Alan's branding he will handle the money side of things so by the end of the month he was in charge to send reports of the sales numbers and split payouts as a result.

“This went fine for the first two months, then after the third month reports started coming late (by late I mean more than 4 weeks late, some cases months late) because of this due to my experience of working with the Org store where it has always worked perfectly on time, I decided to also start selling the super cub on the Org hoping it will make things easier for Alan to sort out , turns out it didn't.

“I've waited years hoping to get this sorted out, but the outcome is always the same, Alan is no longer replying to any message I sent yet the plane keeps selling on the org and he is receiving the money every end of month. I have tried multiple time contacting Alan about this, I have even tried to get the Org store to help me out but everything has stayed the same.

“I have considered Alan a good friend of mine so the silence on my part about all of this has been because I really didn't want to make all these issues public specially because I know he has been through some very rough times recently but enough is enough.”

PilotAlva explained this was the reason the ASDG webpage went down, as well as the cause of all other developers departing the company.

At one point, they claimed more than eight people were working on ASDG projects at once.

Writing about the Supercub, PilotAlva stated: “The plane now can be officially considered abandonware but I am willing to share the source files I worked on hoping that the community can keep it alive as long as it is shared freely.

“That being said I can only share with you guys the things I directly worked on (3d, textures, programming) the rest of stuff (Aero and sounds) you guys will have to provide.

“So any plane developer interested in maintaining a freeware version of the supercub just send me a message on the org with a link of any previous aircraft project you have worked on and I will send you a link for the download.”

It is unclear whether the Supercub will continue to be sold on, where it is currently available as of time of writing for US $42.95.

SimCoders were generous in offering a Reality Expansion Pack, which improves the base aircraft with a maintenance and failures system, custom sounds and more, for free in 2018 and is currently still available for download.

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