Asobo Studio Announces Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024

Asobo Studio has made a surprise announcement on the Xbox Game Showcase: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2024, soon to be available on Xbox, PC, and xCloud, bringing a plethora of new missions, content, and more.

Aside from the two-minute trailer, Asobo has yet to reveal much information other than that it will be a standalone title and not an update to MSFS 2020.

The trailer shows many new features, including aerial construction, aerial firefighting, agricultural aviation, air ambulance missions, air racing, executive transport, gliders, helicopter cargo transport, rescue missions, skydiving, scientific research, and more. Lizard Doggo, from our Discord, has compiled a list with everything shown in the trailer:

  • Wildfires
  • Smoke from fires
  • New Super Scooper Plane
  • Ability to grab water and drop on fires, eg. Aerial Firefighting
  • New trees
  • New water and fire particles
  • New Helicopter
  • Search and Rescue missions with animated crew rescue
  • New detailed rocky terrain
  • Oil rig scenery and landing pad
  • Ship with landing pad
  • Animated pilot walking
  • Cargo transport missions via helicopter
  • Rope physics
  • Pilot Body in cockpit holding flight controls
  • New ground vehicles, including ambulance
  • Updated static aircraft models
  • Water on airport surfaces reflect
  • Perhaps improved lighting
  • Med Flight missions, with animated medics.
  • Improved ground textures (with the airport shown)
  • New crop dusting aircraft
  • Crop dusting missions
  • Improved grass
  • Grass and leaves move from Prop/Rotor/Jet Wash
  • Mountain rescue missions
  • Skydiving version of Cessna 208
  • Skydiving missions
  • Animated Skydivers
  • Helicopter construction missions
  • Beluga XL
  • New ground vehicle types
  • More ground crew that have more detailed animations
  • Cargo Transport missions
  • A400M
  • Antarctic Base Scenery
  • Improved ground crew marshaling
  • VIP DA62
  • DA62 with openable doors
  • VIP charter missions
  • Animated executive passengers
  • Air racing missions
  • Special air racing pilot model
  • Glider pilot missions
  • Tornados
  • Science version of DA62 with animated camera
  • Scientific Research missions
  • A-10
  • Executive transport missions
  • Seasons
  • Airships
  • Airship tour missions
  • Hot Air Balloon
  • Balloon tour missions
  • More fauna
  • Increased number of AI aircraft.

There’s no information regarding backward compatibility with MSFS 2020 or the lack thereof.

It will be available on day one on Xbox Game Pass, PC Game Pass, Xbox Cloud Gaming, Windows 10/11, and Steam. The release date is yet to be defined (coming in 2024).

Shout out to Lizard Doggo for the list! Stay tuned to Threshold for more flight simulation news!

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