Aerosoft previews Land’s End

October 7, 2021


Shortly after Aerosoft’s release of St. Mary, the publisher took to their forums to unveil another airport developed by Stairport, this time being Land’s End airport. Located on the westernmost part of the United Kingdom, the airport mostly serves small regional aircraft with tourists looking to see the spectacular sights of Land’s End. Aerosoft didn't provide any information on the scenery, but knowing the developer, this will sure be a stunning airport.

Land’s End is a headland, tourist and holiday complex in western Cornwall, situated within the Penwith peninsula. Views at Land’s End are picturesque; on clear days it is possible to see Longships Lighthouse from the 200 feet high granite cliffs, and with a bit of luck you might be able to see all the way across the pond and spot bits of North-America.  

What is notable is the attention to detail inside the terminal. While it is not out of the question to see modelled interiors in MSFS, this scenery is no different with bespoke material treatment; the accurate wood texturing, the modelling of the maps, and paintings inside the terminal. Furthermore, the scenery appears mostly complete and will be sure to provide you with some scenic views and approaches very soon. 

There was no information given by Aerosoft. Only time will tell what features the scenery has in store for us.

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