Aerosoft Releases Trento-Mattarello Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator

April 24, 2021

Aerosoft has released their next airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, Trento-Mattarello Airport, located on the Northern end of Italy. The scenery offers 4k PBR texturing, custom ground textures and animated objects.

The development team behind the airport are RCStudios, with the airport being their second scenery release next to Lucca Tassignano Airfield for Microsoft Flight Simulator. From that previous scenery, the group has included much more in Trento-Mattarello Airport features list.

Trento-Mattarello for Microsoft Flight Simulator features the following:

  • All buildings modelled
  • High definition PBR 4K texture
  • Ground texture customized
  • Custom photo scenery of the airport area
  • Object modelling to optimize performance
  • Custom approach and runway lights
  • PAPI Lights on runway 18 to Helicopter’s approach
  • Implemented SID STAR Procedures for helicopters
  • Animated objects reacting to time and weather
  • Animated hangar door
  • Interior tower
  • Hospital heliport
  • Custom night time lighting
  • Water drops on windows tower when raining

Aerosoft adds that “the airport includes a helicopter base that performs various tasks including first aid, avalanche rescue, fire protection, transport and other services”.

Aerosoft also posted a promotional video of the airport on their YouTube channel shown below:

Trento-Mattarello is available on the Aerosoft Store for EUR 12.80.

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