Aerosoft Releases Greater Moncton Airport for MSFS

January 19, 2021

Aerosoft has released Greater Moncton Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator, adding to their long list of sceneries now available for the new simulator.

CYQM by Aerosoft contains “a highly detailed recreation of the airport with a custom colored orthophoto and seasonal textures. Custom taxiway signage, as well as custom approach and taxiway lights.” The developer has also included “special winter animations like engine covers on the static aircrafts (sic) and taxi light flag marker(s).”

Aerosoft has also opted to include a feature list highlighting the work gone into the scenery. Most notably is the inclusion of 4K PBR textures, animated custom jetways, and more. You can view the full feature list below.

Feature List:

  • Detailed recreation of the real Greater Moncton Airport
  • 4K PBR textures for objects and ground
  • Custom approach and taxi lights and signs
  • Custom static aircrafts reflecting common real-world traffic
  • Custom colored orthophoto
  • Animated custom jetways
  • Special winter animations like engine covers on static aircrafts and taxi light flag markers

Greater Moncton Airport is available for purchase from the Aerosoft store for €15.08.

You can view Aerosoft’s original announcement via their Facebook page.

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