Asobo Studio Updates ATR 42-600/72-600 for MSFS

Asobo Studio has recently released an update to their Expert Series I: ATR 42-600/72-600 aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator, bringing multiple fixes and improvements.

Update 1.0.8 is the first update for the ATR lineup, smoothing VNAV flight path calculation, fixing multiple CTDs, EWD Alerts Overflow behavior improvements, slight flight model tweaks, and much more. The full changelog follows down below:

  • Fixed distance to destination
  • Fixed Direct To waypoint selection (FPLN and ABEAM)
  • Fixed MCDU PERF CRUISE page layout and weight calculation errors
  • Fixed MCDU PERF INIT and WEIGHT pages RETURN behaviour
  • Fixed MCDU PERF INIT page showing CRZ ALT as FLXXX FT
  • Fixed modified CRZ ALT by ALT SEL behaviour (still needs some VNAV IAS logic work)
  • Improved EWD Alerts Overflow behaviour
  • Fixed Marketplace thumbnail sizes
  • Fixed icing message not disappearing when not longer in icing conditions
  • Fixed crash on selecting TRN waypoint from DUPLICATES page
  • Fixed wrong color for scratchpad messages
  • Fixed wrong current waypoint offset on SEC FPLN pages 2+
  • Fixed POS INIT selection set via scratchpad instead of automatically
  • Added Boost option entry to electronic checklist
  • Fixed Boost option logic
  • Fixed TQ showing values before CL is in AUTO position
  • Fixed flightplan PPOS showing on ND
  • Fixes and additions to Bleed/Pack/Alpha alert/procedure handling
  • Fixed PFD speed bugs not reacting to icing AOA
  • Fixed MCDU "Clear?" color yellow, instead of white
  • Fixed NP not dropping to 82% in CLB/CRZ after loading in cold&dark
  • Added timeout for flashing SELECT LNAV message
  • Fixed an issue which caused flight idle to be too high
  • Fixed light switches on when starting a flight at a gate or parking position
  • Added support for TOGGLE THROTTLE REVERSE THRUST control event
  • Added missing gust lock OFF condition to TO Config test
  • Fixed manual enroute holding
  • Fixed doors opening in flight
  • Smoothed VNAV path calculation
  • Fixed GPWS light lighting up on final approach
  • Fixed aircraft lifting nose a bit too early
  • Fixed ITT (for running engine. Not yet during startup!)
  • Fixed missing line between manual holding and next waypoint
  • Fixed TCAS mode not switched to TCAS STBY below 1000ft AGL
  • Fixed Altitude alert flashing when in GS or V-FP mode
  • Temporarily disabled manual airway entry and redirected to list selection (manual entry will be reworked and re-added in next version)
  • Fixed CTD on clearing FMS after landing
  • Fixed Approach Hold not correctly exiting (KPAE RNAV 16RY via PAE)
  • Fixed TOD marker disappearing from time to time
  • Fixed momentary fuel pressure drop on swichting cross feed
  • Fixed displaced runway threshold on MFD map
  • Fixed autopilot not holding the correct altitude when baro is set to STD
  • Adjusted quick view order based on TBM 930
  • Added support for split TAT/ALPHA and PITOT/STATIC lights
  • Fixed unintended direction change for Radius-to-Fix legs
  • Fixed CTD on manual AIRWAY TO entry
  • Fixed increasing number of empty airways
  • Fixed throttle limits for keyboard/gamepad input
  • Fixed autopilot VNAV mode switching logic
  • Fixed intermittent ToD calculation
  • Fixed air condition cooking passengers
  • Fixed document door not opening on ground
  • Fixed autopilot disconnect sound playing in cold&dark state
  • Fixed NEXRAD overlay visible on terrain view
  • Fixed gust lock and idle gate not limiting throttle settings
  • Fixed VNAV mode switching

The ATR 42-600 is a twin-engine, high-wing turboprop seating up to fifty passengers, introduced in late 2012. It’s an updated ATR 42, the initial combined effort between Airbus and Leonardo in the 1980s. The “42” came from the original seat count.

The ATR 72-600 is a relatively stretched version of the ATR 42-600 with a seating configuration ranging from 70 to 78 seats, with a range of 850 miles, and cruising at 320 miles per hour.

The ATR Bundle is available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace for $19.99, with a 30% discount for deluxe/premium deluxe owners.

Images are courtesy of adam and genista. Stay tuned to Threshold for more flight simulation news!

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