Asobo Studio Releases ATR 42-600 / 72-600 for MSFS

Asobo Studio has recently released the first aircraft of their high-authenticity focused Expert Series for Microsoft Flight Simulator, the ATR 42-600 and the ATR 72-600, aiming to deliver high fidelity at a lower price bracket.

The ATR lineup is an evolution of the combined effort between two companies: Aerospatiale (now Airbus) and Aeritalia (Leonardo), aiming to build a versatile regional airplane.

The ATR 42-600 is a twin-engine, high-wing turboprop seating up to fifty passengers, introduced in late 2012. It’s an updated ATR 42, the initial combined effort between Airbus and Leonardo in the 1980s. The “42” came from the original seat count. 

Being a newer airframe, the 42-600 features a  modern glass cockpit, improved fuel efficiency, and overall performance compared to the older project. It can also take off and land on relatively short runways, making it perfect for regional operations.

The ATR 72-600 is a relatively stretched version of the ATR 42-600 with a seating configuration ranging from 70 to 78 seats, with a range of 850 miles, and cruising at 320 miles per hour.

The new ATRs come with seven liveries in total:


  • ATR House Livery F-WWLY
  • Air Saint Pierre F-ORLB
  • Silver Airways N405SV


  • ATR House Livery F-WWEY
  • Silver Airways N703SV
  • Air Tahiti “RA’IREVA” F-ORVV
  • Air Tahiti “TAPUATA” F-ORVR
  • Air Tahiti “TE ANUANUA” F-ORVT

The ATR Bundle is available on the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace for $19.99, with a 30% discount for deluxe/premium deluxe owners.

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