Aerosoft/Stairport releases Brandenburg Airport

Peter Tram
March 5, 2019

Users anticipating a taste in flying to Berlin's upcoming new airport are in for a good time! We've covered the imminent release in an exclusive news entry a few days ago, and as promised the airport is out for everyone. Developed by the folks at LimeSim and 29Palms, the product garnered numerous accolades on the ESP platform, and now our friends at Stairport Sceneries has given it a well deserved proper conversion to X-Plane, including their increasingly popular Scenery Animation Manager.

The real airport is known for its infamous failure to complete and open on time, Berlin-Brandenburg Airport was not a very lucky project. Construction work began in September 2006 and the opening to the public was scheduled for October 2011. The construction progress continues to fall more and more behind the initial schedule and costs have been skyrocketing ever since. The airport has suffered from continued delays; it is far from completion and as of now an opening date is still not in sight.

The add-on itself covers the new airport itself, and the integrated neighbouring airport Airport Berlin Schönefeld. Two configurations are provided to make it easy in switching between the current status and one where the new airport is already open.


Purchase the scenery on the Aerosoft Store for €25.17