Active Sky XP Updated, Plus Summer Roadmap Information

Alex John
Tuesday, June 25, 2019

For a couple of months, Active Sky has been in beta, and today sees its official release. Not only this, but a summer roadmap was issued for all products, including ASXP.

Update 041619 addresses a few issues and makes some adjustments:

  • Fixed potential verification code issue with + symbol in email addresses
  • Increased maximum surface vis in default non-global mode to 99 miles (was 30)
  • Adjusted Airmet/Sigmet active variable sub-area to be much larger, which should provide a more intended experience within large Airmet/Sigmet areas for turbulence and icing
  • Adjusted GMT/Local time conversion logic in X-Plane for more expected results in certain areas
  • Added new option: Cirrus Cloud Generation Percentage (default 10%) to allow user to fine-tune the amount of high-level clouds injected when no high-level clouds are indicated in METAR – Note: X-Plane typically does not render high-level clouds as Cirrus type in default non-global depiction mode, and this cannot be controlled by ASXP, so you may wish to limit the generation of such types of clouds for better realism

The changelog is sourced from the developer's blog.

Not only this, but HiFi Technologies also detailed the future in their summer roadmap. For ASXP, it was stated:

"We continue working to bring our cloud depiction visual replacement technology to X-Plane. We are getting closer, but have some work yet to do mainly in the performance department when complex cloud scenes exist. In addition to the visuals technology, we are working on other enhancements and exciting new features for ASXP."

It was also stated that they are working on a couple of other projects the developer hopes to reveal in the next year, although whether this is X-Plane-specific was not said. Furthermore, bug fixes and enhancements to all products are continuously being added.

Learn more about ASXP on the product page here.

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