Active Sky XP Updated to Build 6927

Sam Clark
Friday, December 21, 2018

HiFi Simulations have released a small update to their recently released X-Plane-based weather engine. Build 6927, released earlier today, fixes various issues with the software which was released just last week.

Developer Damien Clark announced the update on the HiFi SimTech forums with the following changelog:

  • Adjusted options text for XP turb override to be a litle more clear regarding only surface conditions data, not actual winds experienced, being limited in this mode
  • Fixed discrepancy in voice flightwatch option description regarding com1/com2 use (you can use either radio, as long as it is enabled for listen mode in your intercom)
  • UI improvements during sign-in process to prevent whitespace/trailing characters in some fields
  • Implemented minimum X-Plane version checking (11.26) and warning/shutdown if below minimum version
  • Fixed issue with mode setting when shutting down ASXP and X-Plane is still running
  • Fixed problem with some “steam/normal hybrid” installations causing potential crashing issues
  • Fixed issue related to GMT/local time when using Force to Sim Time option

To update your copy of Active Sky XP, go to the downloads page on the HiFi website and simply reinstall the product.

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