MSFS2020 Upcoming ATR 42/72 Update

MSFS developers, Asobo Studios, have revealed more information about their upcoming ATR 42/72 for MSFS2020. The team hosted a Q&A on their Twitch channel, which was later posted on YouTube for the community to recap. Asobo claims that they plan on the aircraft being available for both the PC and Xbox platforms. 

The ATR 72 is a twin-engine turboprop airline produced by the French and Italian aircraft manufacturer ATR. "72" denotes that the aircraft presents a capacity of 72-78 passengers in a single class arrangement. The "72" is the larger variant of the ATR series, developed from the ATR 42. Currently, approximately 1,000 ATRs fly worldwide, primarily with IndiGo, Air New Zealand, Wings Air, and Azul Linhas Aereas. 

Asobo has outlined the following details about the upcoming release:

  • Three variants: ATR 42-600, ATR 72-600, and ATR 72-600F. 
  • "State of the art" exterior model
  • The fully animated model includes both doors and lights.
  • Completely modeled interior, both for the passenger and freighter variants.
  • EFB
  • High-quality flight model
  • Contains a complete checklist, weather radar, pressurization, Thales FMS 220, and TAWS system. 

Hans believes it's still too early to comment on the aircraft's release date, but keep on the lookout for more news regarding the upcoming ATR series for MSFS2020!

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