Released: Avia71 Aerostar 601P

By: Sam Clark
July 4, 2018

The Aerostar 601P is the brainchild of Ted R. Smith, coincidentally also the father of the Aero Commander series. The aircraft was built as Smith's personal speed machine and is the holder of the speed record for a production single piston craft at 492km/h (306mph)

Avia71 aren't lightweights either, with 3 previous aircraft releases under their belt - the Mudry CAP 10C, Fournier RF-6B and RF-5B. Avia turned their sights on the Aerostar shortly after the release of the Mudry in early November last year.

The new X-Plane rendition of the aircraft has 4K textures, fully PBR textures and FMOD sounds. The aircraft also includes:

You can purchase the Aerostar 601P on sale for $29.95 on the store (usual price: $34.95).

Image source:, YouTube.