Just Flight releases the Avro Vulcan

The highly anticipated Just Flight Vulcan project is now available for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It is the most accurate and detailed recreation of the Avro Vulcan for any Flight Simulation. The Just Flight team has put tremendous effort and resources into the project, gathering hours of data, sounds, and details from the latest surviving airframe. Thanks to the Maintenance and Preservation Society, the Just Flight team gained access to detailed sound recordings, resulting in two engine types of sound sets – the Olympus 200 Series and the Olympus 301 Series engines.

Vulcan's interior is modeled to exact details based on XM655 sampled for this recreation. The cockpit, with hundreds of functional switches, knobs, and controls, is also modeled to perfection. Lighting includes over 25 functioning lighting controls, bringing the ambiance of the real aircraft at night to the simulator. The rear crew panels are also modeled in outstanding detail, as well as the texturing and modeling, which is as close to the real aircraft as possible, with 8k PBR texturing bringing out all of the details from the inside out. The package includes various liveries (19) fitting the time of the Vulcan's service history.

The aircraft simulation includes realistic payloads like Blue Steel, 1000-pound bombs, and bomb bay tanks. The bomb bay doors function and are fully animated, along with other animated features such as lift dumpers and the tail-mounted air brake. Further simulations cover the complex electrical, fuel, and engine management systems and CAN and VOR NAV radio systems. Vulcan's flight model has undergone extensive work to bring realistic and accurate flight characteristics to the sim.

Feedback from former Vulcan crewmembers was used to create the most accurate flight model for the sim. Custom effects like compressor exhaust haze, exhaust, and the Houchin GPU bring in the immersive level expected for this historic aircraft. These systems are coded based on real-world manuals. The operations and EFB manuals can be downloaded from the links below. The Vulcan sales for 32.99 on Just Flights website.

Operations Manual

EFB manual

Just Flight has published extensive video coverage of the model on their YouTube page, which you can check out below!

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