Airworthy Designs Announces St. Martin and Grand Case for MSFS

August 23, 2020

Airworthy Designs has announced that their next scenery will be Saint Martin and Grand Case. The sceneries will be based on Airworthy’s well known Princess of the Carribean package for X-Plane, but each asset will be revised and updated for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer was also one of the first X-Plane to jump ship to MSFS. 

Because the new simulator likes to use lots of VRAM, the scenery will be significantly changed to optimize its assets accordingly. The announcement of the product comes after the developer got a good understanding of the SDK/toolset. Following the release of St. Martin and Grand Case, development will shift to South America, with a range of products made for real world training.

The original Facebook post from Airworthy Designs can be found here. Previous articles about Airworthy Designs can be read here

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