Airworthy Designs' Princess of the Caribbean Part 2: Pre-Release Information

Friday, May 3, 2019

Airworthy Designs has published information about their upcoming Princess of the Caribbean Part 2 scenery for X-Plane 11. The package shines the spotlight at the Caribbean islands of Saba and St. Barths "in incredible detail", showcasing the work they have undertaken in rendering the islands over the past several months.

In the Facebook post, a list of the features were posted:

  • Extremely optimized for FPS and performance (multiple LOD and correct texel density across the project)
  • 100% PBR assets
  • Extensive use of photogrammetry in the creation of 3d assets
  • Developed with on-site photography
  • 50cm ortho plus hand crafted ground textures to increase the detail on the airport nearby areas
  • Modified mesh using topographical charts and photographic references
  • Alpha blended coral tropical textures
  • Detailed night lighting

The developer also noted that the images shared are subject to change prior to the scenery's release. Check out more of the thirty-one screenshots uploaded:

See the Facebook post for the remaining screenshots. The scenery is estimated to drop on the 10th of May - about one week from now.

Last week also saw further previews of Saba - you can check it out here.

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