BlueBird Sim 757, One-Year Development Update

BlueBird Simulations have released a youtube video in which they celebrate the one-year anniversary of the development of their upcoming Boeing 757 aircraft for MSFS. In the update, the team thanked those who have contributed to the project, answered various questions the community has had and displayed some of the aircraft's features in flight. 

BlueBird has confirmed the expected release date is q3/q4 of 2023. They have also confirmed that they are developing both a freighter and passenger variant of the single-isle jet, the passenger variant will come first followed by the freighter expansion. The freighter and passenger jets will be two separate packages according to the team. 

The team have also disclosed that they are aiming for a mid-level simulation, in which every switch and system needed for normal operation will be operable. It will boast a fully custom FMS with full LNAV and VNAV capability. The team have also confirmed a full virtual cabin will be in the aircraft. 

You can watch the video here: 

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