Burning Blue Design Releases Old Warden for MSFS

Burning Blue Design has just released its latest product for MSFS. This time it’s Old Warden Aerodrome (EGTH) that has been developed. Featuring a rich history within the world of aviation, the airfield has been and is loved by many aviation enthusiasts.

Located in Bedfordshire, United Kingdom, Old Warden opened back in 1932. It started out as the Shuttleworth family's private aerodrome. This quickly changed when World War II broke out, as the airfield was used for a multitude of military operations for the Royal Air Force. After the war, vintage aviation enthusiasts used it as a hub for vintage aircraft and vehicles, known as the Shuttleworth Collection. Even today Old Warden still is home of the collection. The field also hosts airshows, something aviation enthusiasts all over the world appreciate and come to see.

Old Warden has been recreated for MSFS with lots of features including over 240 Custom 3D Objects, Up-To-Date Layout, Highly Detailed Cafe and Tower Interior, Dynamic Animated Spectators, Fully Modeled Shuttleworth Estate, Real-Life Static Aircraft from the renowned Shuttleworth Collection, Full Night Lighting and Enhanced High-Resolution Colour Corrected Ground Textures.

Old Warden Aerodrome is now available on Burning Blue Design for roughly $18.90USD.

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