Boundless: Birmingham v2.0, Irish Helipads, Shannon Airport & Palm Springs Airport

January 14, 2021

Even shortly after the release of their Alderney Airport scenery for X-Plane 11, Boundless have still been busy at work. Recently, they have updated Birmingham to version v2.0, released their Irish Helipads package, as well as started the development of Shannon Airport and Palm Springs.

The announcement for each was made on Facebook, though they have provided Threshold with extra information regarding these addons.

The first piece of news they announced was the update of Birmingham Airport to version v2.0; this update includes “several bug fixes and many new features”, primarily focusing on the addition of Autogate support. Version v2.0 is a free upgrade for existing users, and can be downloaded from the store on which they purchased the product. A full list of changes made the the scenery reads as follows:

  • Improved terminal interior
  • Added Gate numbers as ground markings
  • Added 3D Grass
  • Added new PBR Static ground service vehicles (Jet2 / Swissport)
  • Added new HD GA Static Aircraft at GA Area
  • Added full Autogate Support, marshallers, Jetways, Guidance Systems
  • Reduced file size

As well as the update for Birmingham, Boundless have also released their Irish Helipads package for X-Plane 11. The scenery features 12 helipads and locations across Ireland. Each of these locations is carefully crafted using custom textures and models, as well as custom objects surrounding them. The full feature list of the scenery is as follows:

  • 12 helipads and locations across Ireland
  • Realistic night lighting of streets, sports fields and helipad lighting
  • Custom helipad textures matching their real-life counterparts
  • Custom Blacksod lighthouse building with rotating beacon
  • Realistically modelled Irish ambulance with lights
  • Each location given a 5-letter identifier that will show on the AviTab map when heliport filters are enabled
  • Goal posts, dugouts, stands etc. placed in nearby GAA/football/rugby pitches, AstroTurf pitches etc.
  • Nearby housing estates modelled with 100’s of accurately placed houses
  • 1000’s of hand-placed trees
  • 1000’s of placed cars in nearby car-parks
  • Custom placed X-plane facades for each hospital

The scenery as well as a full list of the included locations can be found on Boundless Simulation’s store page on their website.

In other news, Boundless have announced that they are working on two new airports, Shannon Airport and Palm Spring Airport. For Shannon Airport, Boundless are continuing work with their Irish partner Ciano35. Both sceneries are looking to feature custom objects with partial terminal interiors, HD PBR ground textures, and detail in the areas directly surrounding the airport. Both Palm Spring Airport and Shannon airport are planned for release in late March through to early April.

On top of all this, Boundless is offering a 30% discount on all products for anyone who signs up to their email news list before February. They have also recently set up a Facebook page, where they will share all news regarding their developments. Birmingham Airport and the Irish Heliports package can be found on their store.

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