BiologicalNanobot Releases Enhanced Skyscapes

September 17, 2021

Known for his work on Enhanced Cloudscapes, BiologicalNanobot has released his new Enhanced Skyscapes. The new weather rendering engine for X-Plane includes improved Enhance Cloudscapes clouds as well as full-sky rendering utilising procedural shader-based techniques.

Enhanced Cloudscapes was first released in July 2020 as a fully freeware cloud add-on for X-Plane, featuring fully volumetric clouds and has since then grown as one of the most used cloud add-ons for the simulator platform. 

BiologicalNanobot states that the new weather engine should not have a large impact on FPS and may even improve upon FPS that users may have experienced using Enhanced Cloudscapes. 

Enhanced Skyscapes is compatible with most previously existing weather injectors such as the highly popular Active Sky XP, FS global real weather and many other plugins. If you are unsure whether your plugin is supported, guidance on the area is available in the Enhanced Skyscapes Discord Server.

No true feature list has been provided but a short feature description was shared:

“Enhanced Skyscapes is a visual solution for X-Plane 11, replacing default sky and clouds with realistic procedural shader-based sky and fully volumetric clouds.”

If you have not yet made up your mind about whether you would like to purchase the product, you're able to download a 20-minute free demo before purchasing the addon to test whether performance is stable on your system. This trial can be reused an indefinite amount of times, for up to 20 minutes on each launch.

It is worth noting that, Enhanced Skyscapes is only compatible with Microsoft Windows, and requires at least a GTX1050Ti or equivalent to run smoothly.

Enhanced Skyscapes is available to purchase now for $15, exclusively on the Threshold Store.

Further stores will be added in the future after an undisclosed period.

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