Brazil Land Games Previews Salgado Filho International Airport Update for MSFS

January 7, 2023

Brazil Land Games has recently teased the progress on the upcoming update for their Porto Alegre Salgado Filho International Airport (SBPA) scenery, serving the city of Porto Alegre in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. It is the ninth busiest airport in the country, with nearly 8 million passengers yearly (pre-pandemic).

Originally called São João Federal Airport, it was just an air club, with its first flights dating back to 1923. It saw commercial action for the first time in 1932, when VARIG (the oldest Brazilian airline) replaced their seaplanes with land airplanes, adopting Porto Alegre as their hub. It took eight years for the commission of an actual passenger terminal. Its current name was adopted in 1952, after Joaquim Pedro Salgado Filho, a local politician who had died a year prior (air crash).

It’s a focus city for Azul Brazilian Airlines, with a significant domestic network (fifteen destinations) and international legs to Punta del Este and Montevideo (Uruguay). The other two Brazilian giants, GOL Linhas Aéreas (thirteen domestic destinations) and LATAM Brasil (5 domestic destinations), are also regularly seen around POA. TAP Air Portugal is the sole European visitor, coming from Lisbon.

Not much was said other than the pictures themselves and the fact it’s still undergoing development. Threshold will keep you updated!

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