Nimbus' BN-2 Islander Updated to v1.05

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Coming only a day after the initial release of the aircraft, Nimbus Simulation Studios have provided a patch for bugs in their new BN-2 Islander rendition, bringing it up to v1.05.

The epochal regional plane, initially built in 1965 with its maiden flight in June of the same year, is still used in the Royal Air Force and HM Coastguard among many other (military and commercial) operators. The plane is being produced to this day, and remains the sole aircraft made in the United Kingdom by an independent aircraft manufacturer.

Announced for X-Plane two months ago, the project was subject to community criticism following the release of TorqueSim's version of the same aircraft, a seemingly unfortunate coincidence.

Today's v1.05 update addresses a number of day 1 bugs that users found in the aircraft, including an issue where the parking brake was inoperative. The full list of fixes is available below:

  • Tail vibrates with engines off
  • Sound continues after engines are off
  • Part of the tail geometry not correctly animated
  • GNS dimensions incorrect
  • Yoke manipulator does not disappear
  • Maximum flaps speed too low
  • 'Always like new' prevents oil gauges to work
  • Added manipulators for covers, chokes and controls lock
  • Parking brake not working
  • Rudder pedals not animated
  • Carb heat goes off scale
  • Pitot works even with cover on

Looking to the future, the developer has pledged to include the airfields of Westray and Papa Westray - the two airports which make up the shortest commercial flight in the world, operated by an Islander - in a v1.1 update. The airports are located in the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland.

The release and now update of Nimbus' Islander coincides with a large patch launched for TorqueSim BN-2 owners, with brought to the table a revamped FMOD sound set and compatibility with the RealityXP GTN 750. Learn more about that update in a previous article.

To update to v1.05 of Nimbus' BN-2 Islander, see the product page on the Store and re-download the package. You can also buy the aircraft for $34.95 USD from the same place.

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