TorqueSim Releases BN-2 Islander

Friday, April 24, 2020

After less than a month and a half since the aircraft was first announced, TorqueSim has released their rendition of the BN-2 Islander.

The aircraft features full PBR as well as FMOD sounds (full feature list found below).

The Britten-Norman BN-2 Islander is a British Light Utility aircraft that is used worldwide for commercial operations as well as use from Armies and Police Forces. Over 750 of the aircraft type are still in operation around the world with close to 1300 being built, with the aircraft still in production to this day.

Here’s the full feature list:

  • Highly detailed 3D model 
  • Full PBR 4K Texturing
  • Custom Systems, including: Fully custom electrical system, simulating the circuit breakers, buses, generators, and battery
  • Custom fuel manager
  • Custom Avionics, including: KFC225 Autopilot, GTX345 Transponder, KR87 ADF, M800 Chronometer
  • High-fidelity FMOD sound pack, with sounds recorded from the real aircraft
  • Carefully tuned and tested flight model based on real life performance data and input from Islander pilots
  • X-Plane GNS530/GNS430
  • AFM G5 Integration (requires a copy of the AFM G5 plugin)
  • Custom Load Manager
  • Persistent systems (switches return to the state which they were left)
  • Fully custom C++ Plugin using the X-Plane SDK
  • Includes 9 initial liveries, a blank livery, and paint-kit, with many more liveries to come after release!

The TorqueSim BN-2 Islander is available to purchase for $39.95 USD at a new look X-Aviation.

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