Boundless Shares News on London Stansted Release Plans

February 18, 2021

In an email to Threshold today, Boundless has shared information on the release plans for their latest scenery project, London Stansted (EGSS). In the email, Boundless shared numerous details including, pricing, store availability and a release timescale.

Boundless indicated that the scenery will be releasing in early March, and was to be available on their own website, the iniBuilds Store, SimMarket and Store. It was also added that in line with other Boundless Sceneries, the lowest prices will be found on Boundless’ own website and the iniBuilds store.

Boundless first released scenery for Microsoft FSX formed back in 2016 but then reformed in 2020, staring their scenery journey for X-Plane. Since then, the developer has released many sceneries including Birmingham, Alderney and Shannon. Shannon was the developer’s latest release in Collaboration with Ciano35.

Here’s the full feature list provided for Stansted:

  • Custom night lighting
  • custom HD Buildings
  • terminal interiors
  • excellent FPS
  • Custom 4K PBR ground textures
  • Custom 2020, 12.5cm HD, colour corrected & sharpened ortho
  • custom animated airport ground vehicles
  • animated monorail/trains
  • Traffic Global compatible
  • Custom animated road traffic (UK style vehicles + Stansted specific vehicles)
  • full autogate support (animated marshallers, jetways, SafeDock systems etc)
  • realistic runway contours
  • Full ORBX TE compatibility
  • Areas of 4K semi-transparent PBR ground textures
  • 3D Grass
  • Custom HD trees & forests - colour matched to ortho

Boundless can be followed on their Facebook Page.

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