Boundless Released Doncaster Airport for X-Plane 11

January 13, 2022

The developers over at Boundless have released Doncaster Sheffield Airport (EGCN) for X-Plane 11. Featuring the present-day layout of the airport, this English airport has it all from your major airliners to your small general aviation aircraft.

Doncaster Sheffield has an extensive history in military aviation. During World War 1, the airport was used by the Royal Flying Corps as they combated the German offensive. A few years later during WW2, the airfield was used as a training facility for RAF Pilots. Little to no combat operations were ever launched. Years later, the airfield was used during the Cold War, housing nuclear-armed Vulcan bombers. After that, the airfield was used for training in the 70s and 80s then decommissioned in 1995. Later on, it was reopened in 2005, after travel demand in the local city saw an increase in passenger travel demand. The airport has now seen many mainline carriers such as EasyJet, Flybe, and Wizz Air UK. Doncaster served about 1.4 million passengers in 2019.

The airport features a wide variety of features that include full PBR HD custom texturing with HD Ortho to compliment the airport textures. Full HD 3D trees and forests have been included with custom HD Billboards. Accurate night lighting and HD “wet look” apron textures have been added to increase realism for the user. The airport features full Traffic Global compatibility. Accurate ground markings, cracks, wear & tear have all been added to please the user's eye. All nearby hotels have been accurately modeled, alongside animated ground traffic are used to add to the airport environment. The full feature list can be found below:

  • Full PBR HD custom Ground textures 
  • HD 15cm Ortho (2020 imagery)
  • Custom HD 3D Trees & Forests
  • Full PBR HD custom buildings
  • Custom HD Billboards 
  • Fully accurate custom night lighting
  • HD 'wet look' apron textures with puddles
  • Fully accurate ground markings, including accurately modelled cracks / wear & tear
  • Full Traffic Global compatibility
  • Additional PBR water / puddle textures 
  • Terminal interior modelled in stunning detail (optimised for excellent performance)
  • Custom static & animated ground vehicles
  • Animated road traffic (including custom buses / vehicles)
  • All nearby hotels modelled
  • thousands of accurately placed objects and textures

You can purchase this visual rendition of Doncaster Airport over on Boundless’ website for £12.99. If you are also interested in the variety of custom sceneries provided by Boundless, you can also check their catalog out on their website.

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