Honeycomb Aeronautical to Produce Bravo Centre Console 'for Mouse & iPad Mini'

December 2, 2020

Coming as an attachment to the already-in-production Bravo Throttle Quadrant, Honeycomb Aeronautical's Bravo Centre Console is intended as an addition to the $249.99 USD product.

The pad will attach to the quadrant just underneath the throttle levers and protrude downwards to a flat surface which can be used as a mousepad or slot for a tablet such as the iPad Mini.

Honeycomb confirmed that although the iPad Mini was primarily used in announcement branding and imagery, other tablets of size around 8-inches will fit as well. They named the Samsung Tab A8 as one example.

The Bravo Centre Console has been fast-tracked due to 'overwhelmingly positive feedback' on behalf of the community, according to the manufacturer.

"We listened to all your suggestions and tried to incorporate as many of them as possible. The stowaway function rotates horizontally right, so you can leave your mouse on the pad when not in use (depending on mouse size)."

"We're currently in the prototype phase and don't have a final price or release date yet, but since no electronics are involved, the process from here on shouldn't be too long.

"The key thing is to test rigidity and long term endurance of the materials and structural integrity under stress."

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