Boundless Releases Two Airports for X-Plane 11

May 15, 2021

Boundless Simulations has released two new airports this last week, Cotswold Airport (EGBP) and West Ireland Airport Knock (EIKN) for X-Plane 11. Both packages feature 4K texturing complete with PBR, custom 3d grass and other vegetation, ortho imagery for surroundings, and more.

Cotswold Airport (EGBP)

For Boundless’ first release, the team takes us to Cotswold Airport (EGBP) located east of Bristol, United Kingdom. “Cotswold Airport (Kemble) is known primarily as the base of ASI (Air Salvage International) who handle the decommissioning and scrapping of various airliners - most notably the infamous Boeing 747 (sic)” the team adds.

Boundless’ rendition of Cotswold features the following:

  • HD 2020 Ortho coverage of the airport and surrounding areas (Including Kemble Village)
  • Ortho sharpened and manually recoloured
  • Up to date and accurate airport layout (based off 2021 UK aeronautical information charts)
  • PBR 4K custom ground textures
  • Various 4K PBR Building textures
  • HD PBR static aircraft - including stored airliners such as BA 747s
  • Custom UK road traffic (includes vehicles specific to the area)
  • Various open hangars
  • Nearby farms modelled
  • Full night lighting
  • 3D grass / vegetation
  • Airport businesses modelled
  • Kemble village modelled
  • Custom airport ground traffic

Boundless has also posted a promotional video shown below:

Cotswold Airport for X-Plane 11 is available for EUR 15.08 on the iniBuilds Store.

West Ireland Airport Knock (EIKN)

For the second release, Boundless presents West Ireland Airport Knock (EIKN), located in Northwest Ireland. “Being the 4th busiest airport in Ireland, Knock handled over 750,000 passengers in 2017 and is served primarily by Ryanair” the team explains, later adding that the airport used to service Air France A380s.

Boundless Knock comes included with the following features:

  • Accurate ground layout
  • 2020 HD ortho of airport and nearby area
  • Full custom night lighting
  • PBR 4K custom ground textures
  • HD PBR building textures, with terminal interior
  • Custom HD road traffic
  • Custom airport ground vehicles (static and animated)
  • HD trees
  • Perfectly blends into default scenery or custom ortho areas
  • Realistic runway gradient
  • 3D grass/vegetation
  • HD GA static aircraft
  • Open hangars
  • Traffic Global compatible

Similar to Cotswold’s pricing, Boundless’ rendition of West Ireland Airport Knock is available on the iniBuilds Store for EUR 15.08.

Big thanks to Tang0 for tipping us off regarding these releases in the Threshold Discord Server.

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