Orbx Releases Bromma Airport by Marcus Nyberg & Co.

September 17, 2021


Orbx has just released another addition to their Nordic airport collection; Stockholm Bromma Airport. Developed by their highly regarded Marcus Nyberg who is known for his Scandinavian releases, Bromma has struck it personal for Marcus, with a little thank-you note published on the Orbx forums; the product is a result of multiple external contributors who pitched in to contribute with assets such as the back-end source information, modelling, and texturing. Marcus jokingly noted that the testers “makes my life harder but your experience way better”.

“So thanks for that, your support doesn't go unnoticed”

The real airport was opened roughly 90 years ago, and caters towards a wide variety of domestic and international destinations As well as being a key business jet hub the former home for the government's private jets, being the third busiest airport in the country, it is situated in the heart of Stockholm the capital of Sweden -  an offers breathtaking visuals on approach over the capital city, where users can see many central parts such as the old town, Gröna Lund, and Söder.

For Nyberg’s rendition of the airport, no corner went to waste, and it has been developed to harness the power of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s rendering engine. Developed in collaboration with Bromma Airport management, the result speaks for itself; it is handcrafted in 4K, with most textures authored in PBR. The airport’s terrain receives similar attention with realistic sloped runways:

The coverage extends beyond the airport’s boundaries with an updated Stockholm city; containing over 100 custom points-of-interest, grounded by high resolution colour corrected custom satellite imagery. Effort has been put into improving Stockholm so that virtual pilots can experience the same spectacular approach towards Bromma as in real life.

The well-developed visuals are combined with modern optimisation techniques, making full use of Microsoft Flight Simulator’s SDK to bring the best performance out of users using Bromma Airport.

Bromma has an asking price of $22.72 AUD, and is now available on OrbxDirect.

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