Backwood Studios Releases 0OR8 Sutton On Rogue Airport for MSFS

Backwood Studios has recently released their rendition of Sutton On Rogue Airport (0OR8) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The airport is located in the U.S. state of Oregon and has a 2,500-foot (762 m) grass runway and a helipad. It is situated approximately 3 nautical miles north of White City and has enough space for small GA aircraft operations.

Sutton On Rogue Airport is located along the Rogue River, and it is a great destination for those who love water sports and fishing. If you prefer to stay dry, you will still enjoy the stunning panoramic views of the area. The airport has a 24-acre horse ranch in its estate as well.

The airport features a grass runway, helipad, helicopter hangar, airplane hangar, and a pilot house for relaxation and entertainment.

Backwood Studios' latest release provides a highly accurate rendition of Sutton On Rogue Airport, custom PBR textures, animated elements, tailored night lighting, custom 3D-modeled buildings, detailed interiors, and more.

The add-on requires 1.98GB of storage space and is available on OrbxDirect for approximately $11.25.

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