Canada4XPlane Releases Version v1.5 for Edmonton International Professional

September 9, 2021

Canada4XPlane has released an update for their Edmonton International Professional scenery. Version v1.5 adds many things, such as seasonal textures and models, terminal interior, revised textures and new lighting.

Originally released just over a year ago, version v1.5 is the most major update carrying the most changes, fixes and additions.

The full changelog of the update has been included, and can be seen below:

  • Added SAM seasonal textures, models, and other winter elements.
  • Added Terminal Interior
  • Revised Tower PBR textures
  • Overhauled lighting models to match CYEG 2021 (almost every light on airport property is properly placed, and colour matched)
  • Custom runway lights including edge, threshold, and custom animated approach lights
  • Added customized SAM jetways and docking systems
  • Major bug fixes and visual updates.

The update is currently only available on the X-Plane Org Store, but will shortly be available on the Threshold Store and the Store.

You can buy the scenery from any of the aforementioned retailers for around $19.95, and you can keep up to date with Canada4XPlane’s future developments through their Discord server.

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