Canada4Xplane Releases London International Airport

November 12, 2021

Popular developer Canada4XPlane has once again joined forces with FSimStudios to develop its most recent scenery, London International Airport for X-Plane. The scenery provides an accurate virtual simulation of Canada’s 20th busiest airport. 

Although the size of the airport might not suggest it, London International Airport serves many different airlines arriving from many different hubs across the planet. Moreover, the airport accommodates various general aviation facilities (including the Diamond Flight center) providing users with a wide array of flying opportunities.

London International Airport (formerly known as London City Airport) opened its doors to the public in July 1942, providing locals and tourists with a greater connection to locations in the rest of Canada. Before the airport started serving civilian aircraft, it was used by the Canadian air force who used the airport as a training facility for new air force pilots. Moreover, the airport is also home to the annual ‘Airshow London’, where the Canadian and United States Air Forces showcase several military aircraft.

The development pair spent many hours developing the airport, following the successful release of it on P3D. Featuring highly detailed hangars makes for a very immersive experience when flying general aviation aircraft in, and out of the airport. Paired with the 4K ground textures and buildings the airport ships with, the scenery makes for a highly accurate rendition of London International Airport.

The full feature list can be found here:

  • Detailed terminal interior and exterior model.
  • 4K ground textures
  • 4K taxilines and ground details
  • 4K building textures
  • Detailed hangar models
  • Accurate airport dynamic lighting
  • SAM seasons (seasonal elements; snowdrifts depicting heavy snowfall operations)
  • Custom SAM Jetways
  • World Traffic 3 Compatibility

London International Airport is now available for an asking price of $17.50 on the Store.

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