Canada4XPlane Releases Fredericton International Airport (CYFC)

November 13, 2020

Canada4XPlane has released their latest airport for X-Plane 11, Fredericton International Airport (CYFC).

The developer has recreated the busy airport in New Brunswick, Canada with many custom buildings, assets and ground textures.

This is the feature list written on the store page:

  • 20 Custom buildings (all buildings on the airfield have been modeled)
  • 30+ Custom Assets
  • 2K ground textures
  • 4K taxilines and ground details
  • Highly detailed terminal/hangar models by J.D
  • 4K building textures
  • Ambient occlusion
  • Dynamic lighting
  • Optional winter textures
  • Custom marshaller
  • Optional static aircraft package
  • Frame rate friendly LOD (manipulated using the object density slider is the place to purchase the airport for the sum of US $17.00.

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