Carenado Updates PC-12 to Version 1.3

Sam Clark
Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Aircraft developer Carenado has released a large update to their PC-12 simulation, released for X-Plane 11 in February 2018 and first converted to X-Plane 10 in 2015.

The new version was announced via the group's Facebook page, and brings with it a bunch of fixes and sound improvements.

The version 1.3's full change-log is include below:

  • More sound improvements: Fire Test, wind sound, doors sounds, etc.
  • Corrected gear speed Vlo in the .acf
  • Fixed "Endurance" display calculation
  • Fixed rapid clicking noise when HSI CDI is in GPS mode
  • Multiple flight model adjustments for XP11.30
  • Improved crosswind taxi, takeoff, and landing ability
  • Fixed autopilot servos coming on when engaging an AP mode
  • EHSI: Added wind vector arrow and speed
  • Updated vrconfig file
  • Moved sun visor default position so it doesn't block the overhead buttons
  • Fixed overhead amps indication spillover
  • Sounds: Decreased interior engine volume
  • Updated RealityXP.GTN.ini file
  • Increased battery capacity

Carenado recommends you uninstall any previous version of the PC-12 for X-Plane before you get the new update, which can be found on the Carenado website.

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