COLIMATA Concorde V1.10 to Include Engineering Panel Improvements

Sunday, November 17, 2019

It has been almost 200 days since the release of COLIMATA's Concorde in early access. Previous updates to the aircraft have seen the implementation of more autopilot features, the ability to start from cold and dark, and more.

V1.10 looks set to be the next update, as noted in a post by Emma Bentley on She said the update is expected to drop sometime around Black Friday.

"First of All we would like to announce the Completion of the Engineering Panels Needles and Dials," said Emma.

The needles in question are for the reversers, GPU bleed air system, and fuel.

Improvements to the INS system are also inbound, with full integration of the INS alignment protocols, and enabling "PRO FEATURES" in their menu system.

Each of the three unit's alignment times is dependent on the Earth's latitude noted Emma, as is natural in the real world.

Furthermore, the functionality of radios are also improved:

Full details of the update have not yet been revealed, but should there be more, Threshold will be sure to write about them.

COLIMATA's Concorde is available for US $54.69 at the store, where the aircraft remains in early access.

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