More FlyTampa Corfu Previews Shown Following Athens Teaser

October 27, 2021

Earlier in the day, FlyTampa had published an update regarding their Greek airport coverage. On their Facebook page, two new screenshots were posted displaying the progress made to replicate the picturesque landscape around Corfu, an earlier teaser was posted around the beginning of this month showcasing Athens’ animations of human figures populating the airport (which is featured above).

The first shot highlights a C172 flying across the scenic coastal features of Corfu in the middle of the day, specifically "Paleokastritsa", one of the more popular village enclave on the island. It's apparent that meticulous effort was put to replicate the mediterranean landscape, with large boulders and pristine sand scattered across the coastlines in the midst of clear waters:

The second image previews the built up area of Corfu shimmering in the early (or late) hours of the day against a backdrop of the distinctive mountainous profile and the cruise ship:

Corfu’s upcoming release will follow the team’s major publication of Sydney Airport at the beginning of this year (which was released both on their own store and OrbxDirect), and would likely be the team’s second release in 2021. No further information was disclosed regarding pricing and whether the same arrangement to product availability on external outlets like OrbxDirect would apply, but if Sydney’s release is anything to go by, Corfu, or Athens would probably be an accessible and affordable rendition of the real destination.

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