Canadian FlightSim Studios Releases Tofino Long Beach Airport

October 3, 2021


Popular Canadian scenery developer, CFSS (also known as CanadaForXPlane) has released their rendition of Tofino / Long Beach airport. The airport is available for both X-Plane and MSFS, with the scenery including a detailed terminal interior as well as high-resolution PBR textures throughout.

Located in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve, Long Beach provides a perfect spot for stewing VFR flights along the coast. First built in 1943 to operate as a Royal Canadian Air Force station, it was used by Canadian squadrons until 1945. Again in 1955, the airport was operated for three years by NORAD. To accommodate the increased traffic, runway 11/29 was resurfaced and night lighting was added in 2010. 

Reference material captured in person by the developer allowed for everything from accurately modeled runways to minor details inside the terminal to be modeled within the scenery. 

The X-Plane rendition includes color-corrected ortho surrounding the airport. SAM Seasons is also incorporated, with high-quality custom 3-D snow piles throughout the airport environment. Both renditions include accurately detailed buildings that take advantage of PBR textures. 

“With regional flights operated by Pacific Coastal and increased GA traffic, Tofino is the perfect destination only a short flight away from KSEA, CYVR, or CYYJ.” 

You can pick up either the X-Plane or MSFS rendition of CFSS' latest scenery for C$13.00 on the Canadian Flight Sim Studios store, alternatively, the airport is available for purchase on Orbx Direct.

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