Eagle Dynamics CH-47F Available for Pre-Order

Eagle Dynamics has recently previewed its newest helicopter for DCS, the CH-47F Chinook. Nicknamed “The Hook”, it is one of the most famous military transport helicopters in the world. It has been and is being used by over 20 nations worldwide. The famous helicopter is now available for preorder.

Engineered for exceptional stability and control, the CH-47F’s tandem rotor configuration ensures agility and eases loading and unloading procedures. The design gives the CH-47F possibilities for operation in environments inaccessible to others. The absence of tail rotor interference permits rear ramp access on varied terrains, including unprepared or mountainous locations, capitalizing on its remarkable landing capability. Furthermore, the aircraft's design facilitates high-altitude flight up to 20.000 feet, surpassing other helicopters in its weight category.

The CH-47F. currently on pre-order, will feature detailed external and internal modeling, cockpit and cargo hold, accurate flight model, and a fully interactive and VR-ready cockpit. No release date has been announced as of the publishing of the article. You can pre-order the Chinook on the ED store for $48.99.

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