Chudoba Design Announces "Project People" for X-Plane

Yesterday, Chudoba Design made an announcement post on their Facebook page regarding their release of Gothenburg for X-Plane 11 & 12 and a new project, temporarily named "Project People," bringing Inverse Kinematics animated 3D people into X-Plane.

The project will involve renting a motion capture studio for two weeks in April to capture a wide range of movements that can be used to create models of idle people, passengers, ramp agents, and more. These models will be imported into X-Plane as an extensive library, and the best part is that it will be free for users and freeware scenery creators. Payware scenery creators will only need to pay a small fee per airport that uses the library. 

They have also mentioned the possibility of a potential MSFS conversion in the future "if everything goes well" while also reinforcing it's their biggest project to date. 

While the focus is currently on "Project People," Chudoba Design plans to bring more sceneries to X-Plane and convert some of their existing sceneries to MSFS. LBBG, HETB, and HEMM will be brought to MSFS, and they also plan to recreate some objects in LROP and completely recreate groundpoly in LKPR. With all these exciting developments, users can look forward to an even more immersive simulation experience with Chudoba Design.

There is no information on a potential release date, but the developer recommends keeping an eye on their Discord for further details. 

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