Cloud Studio Releases Stillwater Regional Airport for MSFS

Cloud Studio has recently released their rendition of Stillwater Regional Airport (KSWO) for Microsoft Flight Simulator, serving Stillwater, Oklahoma, with a yearly average of 33,000 passengers as of 2023. 

Its story starts in 1929 when Mayor George Thompson secured land north of town. This initial airfield, featuring a half-mile grass runway, a single hangar, and a tiny office, embodied the pioneering spirit of early aviation. J. Alvin "Al" Guthrie, a former barnstormer, took center stage during this era, offering rides, flight lessons, and limited charter services.

The airport underwent a significant shift in 1934 with the tragic passing of George Searcy, its manager. His father, M.G. Searcy, briefly took over, and later, Air Force pilot Arthur Kingman renamed the field "Searcy Field" in George's honor.

World War II brought a dramatic change. The U.S. Navy leased Searcy Field, transforming it into a training ground for over 1,500 pilots. Interestingly, the airport became a temporary holding facility for nearly 475 surplus military aircraft after the war. In 1946, these planes were sold off, with movie stunt pilot Paul Mantz keeping a dozen for his productions.

Stillwater regained control of the airport in 1946. They then leased it to Oklahoma A&M College (now Oklahoma State University) for a symbolic $1, highlighting the growing importance of aviation in education and research.

Commercial air service arrived in 1953 with Central Airlines, eventually merging with Frontier in the late 60s. Their service to Stillwater ceased in 1975, leading to five years of no commercial traffic whatsoever. The hiatus ended in 1980 when Metro Airlines started flights to Oklahoma City using Twin Otters.

The year 1977 marked a turning point. Searcy Field officially became Stillwater Municipal Airport, reflecting its growing role in serving the community. Finally, in 1999, it received its current designation – Stillwater Regional Airport – acknowledging its expanding reach.

Today, Stillwater Regional Airport continues to evolve. It offers general aviation services, supports business and commerce, and provides passenger service through American Eagle. 

The scenery features an accurate rendition of the airport, with a detailed terminal area, fully custom airport models, 4K textures, an up-to-date ground layout, PBR, and custom orthophoto. 

It's available on SimMarket for roughly $14.10, requiring at least 1.14 GB of free hard disk space to install.

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