Cockspur Releases Cessna C162 Skycatcher for MSFS

Cockspur has recently released their C162 Skycatcher for Microsoft Flight Simulator, a high-wing tricycle gear light-sport aircraft designed and produced by Cessna between 2009 and 2013.

Its design was unveiled in 2006 during EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, back when they were testing the waters of the commercial feasibility of a light sport aircraft. The development program was launched a year later, kickstarting the development of a production version.

After carrying out all the required testing and passing the ASTM Light Sport Aircraft requirements with flying colors, it was ready to roll out of the factory. In December 2009, the first production Skycatcher had finally been delivered, and the order list was sitting at a thousand units by then.

The plans for 2010 included a 300-400 unit production rate which never came to be, with only 30 deliveries that year, followed by many cancellations in the subsequent years because the aircraft was deemed too expensive for what it was. By 2014, the sales had been halted, and unsold units were scrapped for parts.

Reviews criticized the aircraft’s high empty weight, fragility, and lack of tall-friendliness, feeling even more cramped than a little 152. Many considered it a failed attempt at creating a Light Sport Aircraft, yielding nothing but a miniaturized 152.

Cockspur’s rendition aims to deliver an accurate rendition of the Skycatcher, developed in close connection with real-world pilots. It includes a full glass cockpit, twelve liveries, and more.

It’s available on Cockspur’s website for $22.04 and on the MSFS Marketplace for $19.99.

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