Colimata Concorde FXP Updated to V1.03

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Florian and the team at Colimata have quietly released the version 1.03 to their Concorde FXP product, which was initially released in May 2019.

The main change with today's update addresses the chief complaint most customers report with this aircraft: not being able to start from cold and dark (starting from a shut down state).

Previously, users would need to click a button which moved the aircraft into a post-engine start state, with no option to manipulate the engine start procedure, for example. Colimata cite their "Early Access" pricing model for this, and had repeatedly warned would-be customers of the aircraft's initial lack of systems, which would be incrementally improved over time.

Ten start-up checklists are now available to guide users through the process, along with a 66-page description of the starting procedure for those wanting to go "under the hood", according to the developer.

In addition to the cold & dark changes, v1.03 also improves on other features already in the Concorde. These include:

  • Manual Cold and dark startup
  • LINUX compatibility  
  • Working checklist window
  • Different hydraulic sources for elevons
  • Optimizations and bugfixes

If you'd like to see more of X-Plane's first payware Concorde, see our review of the Colimata Concorde FXP here.

You can purchase Colimata's Concorde FXP for $54.69 USD from the Store.

Thanks to RCFLYER86 for the tip off in the Threshold Discord server <3

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