Colimata Releases Major Concorde Update V2

October 20, 2021

Colimata has just pushed a major update to its Concorde, improving the aircraft in various aspects providing users with an even better representation of the aircraft. Various new features and improvements have been added with the V2 version of the aircraft, key improvements include an improved flight model, various geometry updates, improved systems, and various bug fixes.

The Concorde was developed by Aerospatiale and BAC and took its first flight in March 1969. The brute power of the 4 Rolls-Royce Olympus engines immediately caught the attention of the public. The Concorde was viewed as the most modern, revolutionary aircraft ever built; it could fly from London to New York in 3 hours, flying past Mach 1 for most of the trip. Albeit that the Concorde wasn’t the most cost-effective plane out there, it was flown by Air France and British Airways on a daily basis, flying the wealthiest amongst us to their business meetings. 

A lot of work went into faithfully improving the aircraft, improvements include an improved visor and enhanced cockpit lighting. Furthermore, the flight model is another area to have received improvements, with many refinements being made. To top it all off, the developer added various new functions to the aircraft, in order to achieve the most accurate representation of the Concorde. 

The full list of improvements can be found here:

New features:

  •  Manual route programming via the 3D INS inside the cockpit
  •  AviTab is shown directly in the 3D cockpit
  •  Automatic or MANUAL fuel pumping


  •  Cockpit Instruments are now better ROUNDED
  •  Improved visor (textures, glass, and shadows)
  •  New colors of the cockpit panels
  •  Improved glass
  •  New shadow setting
  •  Better cockpit lighting
  •  DME1 + 2 plus HSI DME now show decimals of miles
  •  Autopilot MAX CLIMB speed closer to the speed limits
  •  Autopilot IAS HOLD (by pitch change) angle limit raised to +/-15°
  •  Reheat chronometer can be reset now
  •  Temperature gauge: Heating up/cooling down more realistic
  •  Working nose wheel steering levers (with joystick plugged in)
  •  Automatic night lighting can be switched off
  •  Bug fixes


  •  Automatic or MANUAL fuel pumping
  •  New fuel trim mode MANUAL
  •  Fuel dumping is now possible
  •  Brake temperature calculation, gauges, and lights
  •  Failing brakes if overheated
  •  All engineering gauges are dynamically animated
  •  Much more interactive possibilities on the Engineering panel
  • Bleed air, Cabin temp., Hydraulics, Electrics, etc.
  •  Engine 4 N2 Takeoff Limiter on/off functional
  •  Bug fixes


  •  The corners of the external doors are ROUNDED
  •  Lit passenger windows at night
  •  Texture corrections: Improved wing textures
  •  Corrections on the landing gear animation
  •  Improved textures of external vehicles
  •  More animations and lights on the external vehicles
  •  Animated Ram Air Turbine

Flight model:

  •  Improved ground effect for smoother landings
  •  Improved flight model


  •  Better sound settings
  •  Additional warnings, Copilot phrases 
  •  Trimbell volume can be adjusted now
  •  Bug fixes
  • Updated manuals

The new version is available for an asking price of $54.95 on the store

Owners of the previous version get a discount of $50 that will automatically be applied.

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